Thursday, October 13, 2016


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 I have come to the realization that Most viewers wish to see videos and I am definitely one of those viewers.

It is much simpler to log into Youtube to see all the videos spread out for you then having to log into my blog. I totally get that and I am also in agreement with that choice.

I have slowly been switching over to making my You Tube channel as complete as possible and have recently purchased new recording software so as of the second week in October, all of my videos are in high definition at 720p.  

 I have also uploaded them in a manner that you can choose the resolution you wish to view. If you have a slower PC, or a phone, you can lower the quality of each video to your viewing choice by clicking the gear at the bottom of each video.

I currently have approximately 1800 videos on line. And  I am still uploading from my huge archive of videos.

All Full Sunset and Sunrise Drives are uploaded daily.

September highlight videos and October highlight videos are in their own playlists.  Each Month will have its own highlight playlist.

There are many many playlists and some videos may be in more then one playlist so you can choose your viewing pleasure at any time.

 For a simple example : If you just want to watch Elephant videos, then choose the Elephant Playlist. If there was a unique sighting on Elephants you might find that same video in the "Amazing Sightings of Safari Live" Playlist.

Our Leopards we see most often have their own playlists.

The Djuma Waterhole Videos have their own playlists.

The Birmingham Boys And The Nkuhuma's each have their own playlists as well.

I even have a play list for "The Tent" and one for "Bushwalks"

Way too many other playlists for me to mention.

If you subscribe, you will get a notification when any new videos are uploaded.

Please feel free to share any videos on social media

Cya on YOUTUBE ( just search for SafariChey- Hit Subscribe or bookmark and you are ready to go.


note: This blog will remain online for now but no new content will be added as everything you could ever want to see related to Safarilive will be on my YOUTUBE channel.

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Reminders To Check Pages
I often update pages within the blog that are not posted on Facebook or social media because it would become way too many notificiations.
 Common Pages to check are

Djuma Waterhole Cam Videos

Full Length Safari Live Drives

Outstanding Safari Live Sightings


As I obtain more videos I will pop them into the various categories.

Please stop by often and check the various pages for updates.
The pages are listed on the left side of  the blog and pages that have content that you have not viewed will show a different colour.